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Name:Daisuke Morimoto | 森本大介
Birthdate:Nov 11



Daisuke was born to Jun and Hibiki Morimoto in year 36* in Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan. A fairly well off family with one other son, Haru, they enjoyed love and happiness in a normal home for the begining years of Daisuke's life. Sadly, good things were not to last, and when he was ten years old he lost all three in a tragic accident and was left with no living or known family to turn to.

Hibiki stated in his will that if there were no living relatives left to take care of his children, they would be put in the custody of his long-time American friend Professor Ethan Blackbourne. To make the integration process easier, Daisuke's name was legally changed to Hardy Blackbourne, and he joined the rather inept professor in the states just before his eleventh birthday, also meeting his adopted sister Adobe for the first time.

The transition was difficult. Not only did Daisuke speak very little English, it seemed that Adobe resented him for taking even more attention away from their often preoccupied adoptive father. Ethan would have been the first to admit he was never cut out to be a father, but circumstances out of his control saddled him with the two kids, and though he did try his best, it was often failing below the usual standards of what a parent should be. The only thing he did seem good at was using his job as a linguist to help Daisuke with his struggle to understand and speak a second language.

For how rocky the relationship amongst the three of them were, they managed to pass the years with relatively little incident. Both children showed an interest in music, with Adobe wanting to learn guitar and Daisuke going for keyboards. Around that time Adobe met her first boyfriend, Hirokazu Itatchi. He'd been part of a slowly forming band him and his friends called Fragile Titan, but they were still lacking a decent vocalist. As soon as Adobe showed an interest, she was given the spot along with backing guitar, and the band began to work their way towards finding a record deal, Daisuke quietly cheering his sister on from the sidelines.

Fate had a different ending in mind, though, and that original incarnation of Fragile Titan would never make it past their first few small venues.

It was during this time that Daisuke discovered something unique about himself. He apparently had some kind of power, though it was mostly weak and centered around being able to make objects move with a thought or extreme emotion. It was also highly uncontrolled. With Professor Blackbourne's help he was able to trace his family tree back to clan of Japanese mystics called Onmiyoji. It was, though, so deluded that Daisuke got little more than some telekinesis with a few other abilities he had yet to unlock.

Shortly after Adobe turned 16, she came across some documents in her father's office. Most of them were just scattered bits of journals and jottings from him, but some were actual official documentation from where he had worked before adopting her. The more she read, the more horrified she became, for they revealed that she was not human, but in fact from another planet entirely - a planet that no longer existed.

It had long since been known that the Omni, the ruling government of the world, had been integrating other planets and alien races in an attempt to become 'completely unified', so truly aliens were not that big of a deal to the general populace.

What wasn't known to the general populace, though, was that any race that refused to comply with the Omni were not just 'left alone', but instead removed entirely in a process called Eclipsing. They were usually given due warning that noncompliance was going to result in such a thing, but there were many who were unwilling to give up their ways and beliefs for the sake of a single government.

Adobe's world, Erios, had been one of them, and during the process of the negotiation that Professor Blackbourne (then under a different name) had been a part of, a woman came to her with her child, a mere infant at the time, and begged him to take the girl. Professor Blackbourne had never agreed with what the Omni had been doing and saw his chance for escape. He smuggled the child back to Earth, furnished fake papers for them both, and moved away from the city he'd been living in. Despite his knowledge, the man was far too weak willed to turn against the Omni completely, and they never perused him, assuming he was not a threat.

But with the papers he had taken, Adobe learned the truth, and confronted him angrily about it, demanding to know why he didn't do more. He had no straight answer for her, and Daisuke watched from the sidelines as his little adopted family fell to pieces. Adobe left, going to her boyfriend's house with the documents and told her friends about it. Swearing she couldn't just sit around and do nothing, she told them her decision to attempt sabatoge on a known Omni facility. They refused to let her go alone.

In the end, only Adobe and Scott Levison, the eldest member of the band survived the so-called raid.

Adobe came back home, and again Daisuke was stuck watching her grief, unable to console her, and unable to convince their father that he needed to do the same. What relationship they all had was gone, crushed under revealed secrets and lost lives. Daisuke couldn't stand it anymore, and at the young age of fifteen he ran away from home.

He turned up at a friend's doorstep in the rain, begging for a place to stay after having slept outside for a week, barely able to fend for himself. The friend, a man named Jonatan Iptiki, ran a local club as owner and DJ, welcomed Daisuke with open arms, but said that 'all things came with a price'. If Daisuke was to live there, he'd need a job as well, and still being only fifteen it was a difficult task to accomplish. In the end Jona helped furnish a working permit by faking that he was Daisuke's legal guardian and put him to work cleaning the club at night.

It was working there that got him exposed to a different side of music - turn tables. He began sneaking in to the club during the day to fiddle with them, but was eventually caught by Jona. Rather than being angry with him, he was impressed with the young man's skill and ability to learn so quickly just by watching other DJs. Soon he was added to the weekly line up of featured DJs, and eventually garnered quite the underground following after joining up with Jona's touring group, SpringSound.

It was at Jona's club that he was discovered by Rory Dunkirk and Tyr Achron, two-fourths of the still forming band Seventh Eclipse. Lacking some one to bring a richer sound to the two guitar, one bass guitar and drummer group, they saw what he did with the turntables and keyboard and offered him a place in the band. Daisuke was horribly hesitant at first, feeling as if he'd be betraying his roots to join up with them, but Jona urged him to do it, saying he always knew the boy was destined for bigger and better things.

With Daisuke added to the group (now going by a combination of his birth name and legal name, Hardy Morimoto) Seventh Eclipse hopped in to the recording studio and worked diligently on their first album. With their often scary but intelligent manager, Ana Rydel (sister to the founder of the band, Hexan) at the helm, Seventh Eclipse took off like a rocket through the charts.

As anyone else, famous or not, they had their share of problems, both as a band and individuals. Daisuke, being one who had often suffered alone and silent, rarely went to the others with his problems, but it was not always going to be that way.

Most were nothing to write home about, so to speak, but one in particular was the fact that Daisuke was still hiding his powers from the other members of the band. It wasn't until a staff member at the studio began harassing him that anything became obvious. While cleaning up from a practice session with Rory still in the room, said staff sought to antagonize Daisuke once more, causing him to lose control of his anger and lash out by sending a water bottle at the door, narrowly missing Rory.

A length explanation ensued, and Rory promised not to tell the others until Daisuke was ready, so long as he agreed to let Rory help him try to find some control over his powers.

They kept to this agreement until winter of the following year when a car accident occurred near three women from the nation of Atlantis. Atlantians as a whole were magically gifted, and the ones that happened to be near his accident at the time were three of the most powerful among them, the Atlantian Warriors Tigra, Ursa, and Equua. Though they rescued him from his crushed vehicle and saved him from death, his own automatic reaction to put up a weak shield to protect himself from the oncoming car revealed his power to them.

An argument between Ursa and Rory ensued at the hospital regarding his unregistered** status, but Rory put his foot down about it and refused to let them. It was Tigra who stepped in, bringing up issues of possible accidents later in life if he didn't learn to control his abilities. Impressed by her ability to handle the situation so much better than her partner, Rory agreed to at least let her be the one to teach Daisuke rather than himself, only with the stipulation that he reveal himself only when ready.

It was a bit more difficult to convince Daisuke of the same, being so much more comfortable with Rory doing it, but Rory convinced him that woman like Tigra was far more capable of it than he was.

With her help over the next several years, he was able to perfect and hone his skills, learning how to do much more than just lift a pencil off a desk or twirl a chopstick above his hand, and save for a few other minor incidents, the years progressed normally, or as normally as they could given his status as super star.

About three years later, Seventh Eclipse was about ready to go on an extended hiatus. They'd just wrapped up a tour among other things when Ana revealed she was pregnant. Needing time to get ready for their family to grow, they all made the choice to take some time off.

Daisuke saw it as a good chance to catch some waves on the coast of California, but strangely, he never made it to his intended destination...

(Yes, his bio has footnotes)

*Current the year system of Pareidolia is still being worked out, as such we only had a starting point from the perspective of the story, not the actual history of the universe. The story starts at 'year 50', as such any years listed here are during the those first 100 years. This may be revised in Daisuke's bio once we have figured it out.

**As per Omni law, all 'Others', humans or human-like beings with supernatural powers were required to register at some point during their lives, the norms being at birth (usually because the parents would know) or when they became aware of their power. It was made to seem as just a safety precaution, a 'just in case' type thing and a way to get those with no one to teach them a way to control their abilities, but really it was another of the many ways the Omni was controlling things from the guise of 'utopia'.


Daisuke is mostly quiet and reserved, introverted and the kind of person who would much rather listen than actively take part in a conversation. He is rarely one to instigate a discussion, and will more often than not refrain from putting any kind of spot light on himself. That's not to say he's without words, and often will dish out his own brand of unique advice when he sees fit. That in mind, it's difficult to get a good read on what he's truly thinking, as he's usually seen with at least a faint smile or smirk on his features.

In contrast to this he has a silent and fierce loyalty to those he considers friends, but it is a bond that is never spoken from him.

He is almost never mean, sarcastic or otherwise condescending to anyone, though he's not against playful jibes with his friends, and one of the few times anyone will see him carry on more than a one sided conversation is when he is bantering with some one, usually Rory.


Renamon sounds and acts almost exactly like his manager Ana Rydel, which leaves him both in awe and slightly afraid of her. Tough as nails, willing to challenge any who go against her with a stern look and a sharp tongue, Renamon is quick to act and even quicker to destroy some one's ego. She's not without kindness, it's just very difficult to find, and mainly reserved for Daisuke alone. The key difference being that while Ana took a liking to him enough that she was often the least hard on him of the whole band, Renamon is far more apt to put her foot down and tell Daisuke how it is and how it needs to be done.


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