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"Thank you for calling. I can't get to my D-Comm right now, but leave a message and I'll get back to you soon."
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As soon as Ana's out of the hospital, we're leaving and taking her with us. Don't care where to, just anywhere but Tetha.
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I'm coming home tomorrow, but... I think we should talk before I do.
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You're up.


Feeling any better?


... I hate to say it, Daisuke, but a migraine lasting that long is usually the sign of a serious medical condition.

[noncommittal grunt, followed by some shuffling and plates clinking together]

[sigh] Why do you insist on being so stubborn?

I'm not being stubborn.

You're keeping everything bottled up, Dai! Look at you! You're miserable! I think you're actually skinnier than when you got here!

Ana, shut up!

[several things shatter at once (namely two plates, a glass and a light bulb) causing Ana to squeak in surprise]


... not what I meant to do...

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-ke. ... please come out?

[silence, followed by knocking]

It's been days, Dai.


They want to talk to you...

I know.

Then come out? When was the last time you even ate anything?


[sound of a hand slamming in to the door]

Fine! Be stubborn then!

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[Daisuke's comm clicks on, and though distant, he can be heard muttering rapidly to himself, apparently in a panic of some kind. What can't be seen is that his powers are going haywire, and things are floating around the room, rising and falling erratically.

There's a loud banging on the door, and he lets out a frightened scream.]

GO AWAY! Go away go away...

Dai! It's me, Ana! Open your door!

[Ana bangs on the door again, Daisuke screams again, and something is thrown against the door, causing the object to shatter loudly.]

NO! DON'T TOUCH ME! D-don't... don't... LEAVE ME ALONE!

What the hell, Daisuke?! Let me in! I'm not going to hurt you!


[Another scream, louder and shriller this time, and several objects go flying, hitting walls, the door, other objects. Muffled amongst the noises is a threat from Ana that she'll break down the door if he doesn't unlock it. When he screams again, the door cracks and thuds open, Ana entering only to get beaned in the head with a flying lamp and thrown back out in to the hallway, door slamming closed via Daisuke's power.]

Sh-shit! Some one help! Something's wrong with Dai!

No no no... l-leave me alone LEAVE ME ALONE!
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... that was beautiful, Daisuke.

I suppose the virus isn't limited to just singing.

It sounded... sad.

A bit.

Were you thinking about something?

... my family.

*There's a long silence, then a slight shuffle.*

Tell me about them?

... really?


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*Daisuke is in a park in Tetha, randomly hanging up side down from his knees in a tree, arms folded. Ana looks less than amused.*

There's a point to this?

Not really. Simply an exercise in perspective.

An exercise in how strange you are, you mean.

If you wish to see it that way.

What about your perspective do you even need to change?

Well... I suppose... *Daisuke swings himself off the tree and lands with a perfect dismount, and then... begins singing.*

Tch. You just keep getting stranger and stranger...

*Daisuke just smirks*

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I seem to have experienced one of those... data-freezes I've heard about. Shame. I was in the middle of working when it happened. At least some kind soul was nice enough to move me back home.

Has anyone by any chance seen a Renamon about that might be frozen as well? Ana seems to be missing. I'm sure she can take care of herself, but I wouldn't put it past her to get in to some kind of trouble without me.
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Unfortunately... I didn't know any of the people that have been taken away. That's, of course, my own failing for not being more social... but I can feel the hurt from those left behind none the less.

I cannot offer much, but a song, and a prayer that they'll be alright, wherever they might go from here.

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*shuffling, a few notes are played out on a keyboard. The style changes, and several more cords are played.

Then the backbeat of this starts up, going in to the full song with Daisuke singing*

*silence after the song, and the comm clicks off*
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Is that offer for a job still open? My place of employment kind of... burned down.
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*sound of Ana laughing hysterically in the background. Daisuke's voice is a little higher than usual, but not by much*

... I believe... something's wrong with the showers at the inn here...

Y-you know what's sad about this, Dai?

*strained sigh* What, Ana?

The only thing that changed was your--!

That's -enough-, Ana.

*she resumes cracking up*

... could some one please find me some clothes? Specifically a bra...?
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Your basic HMD right here.

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I'm always open to hear crit, and am happy to answer questions.

You can post Anon, I don't mind. IP logging... should be off if I did this right. Thanks!


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